Family Music for Toddlers - Fall

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Family Music for Toddlers - Fall


13 week session

   Join us in a 35-five minute class that will bring the joy of music and movement to you and your young child, aged 16 months to  3-1/2 years! Learn to play musically with your child through singing, dancing, focused listening, and exploring and playing instruments. This class environment promotes the development of each child's music aptitude and skills, as well as attention, impulse control and language skills. Through simple echo games, little children begin to hear and perform a vocabulary of rhythm and melody patterns, the building blocks of music! Parents are encouraged to repeat music activities at home, to continue the fun and learning throughout the week!

Class time options:

Monday 10:10-10:45 am

Wednesday 9:25-10:00 am

Thursday 10:05-10:40 am

Thursday 12:25-1:00 pm

Friday 9:55-10:30 am    

Friday 10:45-11:20 am

Materials:  New! Musikgarten On a Trip materialschild's picture songbook, a percussion instrument and a recording (CD plus digital download) to continue musical play at home or for listening in the car. PLEASE NOTE--all materials for this class will be new this year, so the Re-use Discount does not apply.

$200 total includes 13 classes for child and caregiver, parent information class, and all materials.

(SEE ALSO All Together Now classes for ages birth-4 years)

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